Friday, March 9, 2012

Jeri Eisenberg Price Increase


Effective May 1, 2012, the price for Jeri Eisenberg's A Sojourn in Seasons waxed Kozo series will be undergoing an across-the-board price increase.



Magnolia, No. 9


Friends of the John Cleary Gallery will remember Jeri's exhibition that opened our 2011-2012 season.  For a reminder of those works, please visit our Bokeh exhibition page here or her artist page here.



Quaking Ash, No. 2


The current price structure is as follows, along with the updated price as of May 1:

Single Panel (36 x 22.5 inches): $1,600  / $2,000

Diptychs (36 x 22.5 inches):     $1,800  /  $2,100

Triptychs (36 x 34 inches):       $2,600  /  $3,000

Quadtypchs (36 x 45.5 inches): $3,500  /  $4,000

Additionally, please note that the last three of each run of editions will be priced based on a tiered system and do not reflect the general numbers above. 


Forsythia, No3

Forsythia, No. 3


As always, inquire with the John Cleary Gallery to get the most up to date information on any of our fine art photographers!

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