Thursday, March 8, 2012

David Fokos featured in Rangefinder and Natural Landscape Photography


Recent exhibitioner, David Fokos, has been featured in this month's edition of Rangefinder:

"When David Fokos takes a photo, his goal is to create the feeling he wants the viewer to experience; the objects in his images are simply devices to stir up specific emotions. 'With my work, I am not trying to show the viewer what these places look like, but rather what they fell like.  It is my hope that, looking at my work, you may viscerally share with me the experience of these places,' he says."

Paul Slaughter (click here for the full article)


Foggy Night, Stafford, Texas


Concomitantly, Natural Landscape Photography Blog also has an extensive interview with David, focusing on process, the edition conundrum, early influences and a range of other topics.

Our skin reacts to sunlight, another stimulus, but how long does it take for us to get a tan or sunburn?  The point is that the world exists as a continuum, not just the artificial, frozen, slice of time the camera presents to us in a snapshot.  Our bodies respond to the world in a cumulative way, averaging our experience as we pass through time.  Using my camera to capture the passage of time through long exposures, I can reveal what our world “looks” like based on a longer time scale.  My photographic process acts as a translator – translating from the “invisible” world of non-instantaneous events, into the visible world of a photographic print.

(Click here for the full interview)


Jetty, Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts


Though David's show here at the John Cleary Gallery has unfortunately passed, we still have a large selection of his works on display (and those that aren't are easily accessible).  Stop in and see what all the fuss is about!

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