Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Susan Burnstine Interviews Isa Leshko for Black+White Photography (UK)


The February 2012 issue of Britain’s Black+White Photography magazine will feature an interview between two John Cleary Gallery artists: “Jane-of-all-trades” extraordinaire, Susan Burnstine, and Elderly Animals photographer, Isa Leshko.


Handsome One, Thoroughbred Horse, Age 33


“While most people favour beauty and youth to experience and maturity in humans and animals alike, Isa Leshko’s honest portraits of elderly animals make it impossible to deny the grace in aging.  Her portraits can cut to the bone, make us smile and bring tears to the eyes, but, most importantly, they convey a deep respect for her aging subjects.”


Phyllis, Southdown Sheep, Age 13


“After learning about Leshko’s project, I suggested she visit Los Angeles so she could photograph my dog Blue who was 19 at the time (now 21). And while it’s true that I am as proud of my dog as any mom could be, I can step away from my personal feelings and acknowledge that she has brilliantly conveyed a pride and defiance in aging through Blue’s perseverance and inner strength. […] And that remarkable tenacity contributes to the core message of Leshko’s poignant series in that she continues to fight against the odds, has reconciled her circumstances, and has found peace in aging.”


Blue, Australian Kelpie, Age 19, No. 1


Susan is a regular contributor to Black+White Photography UK’s “American Connection” series; copies may be found at Barnes and Noble retailers nationwide, as well as possible reproduction for iPads through iTunes.

[all quotations taken from the article]

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Rita Bernstein: BWGallerist 2011 “Best of the Best” and Solo Exhibition Announcement


Congratulations to Rita Bernstein for the recent announcement of her inclusion in the BWGAllerist “Best of the Best” Emerging Fine Art Photographers of 2011!


Transgression, hand applied silver emulsion on Japanese gampi paper (from the Lament series)


The John Cleary Gallery is also pleased to announce a solo exhibition of Rita’s work opening July 14, 2012 and running through the month of August.  Make sure to keep checking the blog and gallery website for more information in the coming months!


Still Lives; silver emulsion, beeswax, oil paint on paper


“I explored the sorrows as well as the sweetness of family life and, more generally, the ambivalence that shadows intimate relationships. Although my subjects have often been young people, it is not my intention to examine childhood specifically. Rather, I am interested more broadly in the complex mysteries of the human psyche. I find the uninhibited behavior of children to be a rich source of clues to the interior life generally; with awkwardness and eloquence, they experience the same psychological and social dramas with which we continue to struggle as adults.” [via www.RitaBernstein.com]


Alice, hand applied silver emulsion on Japanese gampi paper (from the undertow series)

Niniane Kelley Price Increase


Please note, as of March 1, 2012 the prices of Niniane Kelley’s work will be increasing from $800 to $1,200.



“Drawn to photography for both the immediacy of the image making process and the intrinsic alchemy of the darkroom ritual, she crafts her prints using the 19th century gum bichromate process which, with its hand-applied emulsions and multiple layers of pigments, gives each piece its own unique character.” For more information about the bichromate process, please visit Niniane’s explanation here.


Morning Glory

“Focusing primarily on the human figure, she investigates the universality of the form and its relationship to the natural world.”




For more information about Niniane’s work, please feel free to contact us here at the gallery with any of your inquiries. 


[All quotations derived from www.NinianeKelley.com]

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Susan Burnstine: Special Offer and News


In anticipation of Photo LA this weekend (January 12 through 16, at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium), Los Angeles based photographer and recent John Cleary Gallery exhibitioner, Susan Burnstine, is offering a two day only special on one of her most recent images of LA.


Around the Bend


From January 10 through 5 pm January 12 this image will be available at the introductory, first edition rate of $1,000 (12 x 12 inches) and $1,500 (16 x 16 inches) irrespective of the traditional edition-based price point appraisal method.



Fans of Susan Burnstine in the greater Texas region will also have the chance to see her work in a new exhibition at the East Gallery of Texas Woman’s University in Denton, Texas from January 17 through February 15




Additionally, Susan will be participating in a panel discussion with Mary Virginia Swanson and Kelli Connell on January 31, 2012 from 4:00-5:30pm followed by a gallery reception from 5:30-6:30pm. The panel discussion and following reception is free and open to the public. Anyone in the Dallas or surrounding areas looking for more information about the talk or solo exhibition can find it here.



For those of you unable to make it to Photo LA or the Texas Woman’s University exhibition but still wishing to view Susan’s work in person, please stop by the John Cleary Gallery where we currently have many of her images from our previous November Within Shadows exhibition on display.


Signed editions of Susan’s first monograph, Within Shadows, recently announced as a Best Book of 2011 by Photo Eye Magazine, are also available for purchase here at the gallery.

"A beautiful wash of pictorial slipstream. Replete with the notions of dreams and the subconscious and that one almost-thought that was there for a second and then went missing. There is beauty on one level here. And then there is universal memory. The work is accessible in that it suggests so much but then holds back enough that you have to spend time with them to make sense of them. The images are sort of a gift to the viewer that way. A strange memory narrative shared."

- George Stettinius, Candela Books

David Fokos: New Work


Please join us Saturday, January 14, from 6 – 8 p.m. for the opening of David Fokos: New Work. The exhibition will run through Saturday, February 11. The artist will be in attendance for the opening reception.


Steam, Glen Cove, Washington, 2000


The John Cleary Gallery is proud to welcome back San Diego based photographer, David Fokos, for his fourth solo exhibition. Fokos, whose work hauntingly captures the silent dignity of its surroundings, has made a name for himself as a unique voice in the field of black and white landscape photography.


Long Poles, San Simeon, California, 2010


Just as our impression of the world is a compilation of numerous experiences, so does Fokos allow long exposures to capture an “average time” of a particular setting. In this way he wields his camera more as a scientific instrument, likening the experience to a biologist’s use of a microscope or an astronomer’s telescope by revealing what is felt but often unseen.


Foggy Night, Stafford, Texas, 2005


Fokos’ work has been exhibited both across the United States and internationally, appearing in galleries and institutions ranging from the Emon Gallery in Japan to the Robert Klein Gallery in Boston, MA to the photography collection of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.


Arlington Memorial Bridge, Washington, D.C., 2011


For the complete exhibition catalogue, please see the John Cleary Gallery’s respective webpage here.