Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Frank Yamrus: I Feel Lucky Book and Special Edition Print


Frank Yamrus' recently released I Feel Lucky has been receiving some great press as of late, most recently with a fantastic interview with At Length Magazine by Darren Ching and Debra Klomp Ching. (Click here for the interview)



In his own words, Frank describes the work thusly:

Originally inspired by the onset of my first (and hopefully last) midlife crisis, I created the I Feel Lucky collection of self-portraits between my 47th and 53rd birthdays. Initially titled Less Than or Equal to 50, this series began with a looming deadline of my 50th birthday, as if on this milestone my midlife crisis would magically resolve itself. At the time, typical midlife crisis issues — relationships, faith, career, health and mortality — were producing classic midlife crisis symptoms — moodiness, exhaustion, the desire to make change and some deafening private politics of self-identity. With my camera, my constant companion during this time, I contemplated a lifetime of choices and created present-day images to evaluate my past with the hope of glimpsing my future.


Untitled (Kiss), 2007


Concomitant to Frank's photographs, the book includes two essays on the collection: "The Borrowed Mirror" by W.M. Hunt and "Everyman: Frank Yamrus" by Sunil Gupta.

Additionally, we are pleased to offer a special edition of the book which includes I Feel Lucky and a limited, 5 x 7 inch print of Untitled (Sunset), as seen below:


Untitled (Sunset)

The stand-alone book is available for $35 and the special edition with limited print can be purchased for $200.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

ICP Celebrates Weegee's Birthday


The International Center of Photography is celebrating what would have been the 113th birthday of famed photojournalist Weegee (born Arthur Fellig).

Today only, the ICP will be hosting additional tours of Weegee: Murder Is My Business.  Plus, they're throwing in free admission to anyone dressing up like Weegee!  For more information please visit the event page here.

Interested in seeing a Weegee print but don't feel like traveling to New York City?  Stop in the John Cleary Gallery and check out one of our most recent acquisitions:

Weegee Marilyn

Distorted Marilyn, 1955 / Vintage gelatin silver print / 8 x 10 inches


Look how thrilled she is to be celebrating Weegee's birthday!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Lens Mugs and Thermoses Make a Splash


In addition to keeping you updated on the newest happenings here at the John Cleary Gallery it's also fun to take a look at other photographic accoutrements floating around out there.

One of my favorite online shopping sites,, offers weekly discounts on a wide range of design products, and, when perusing the site today I came across these fantastic, photography related mugs and thermoses by


Canon 24-105mm Lens Mug Large hoodCanon 70-200mm Thermos Lens Mug


While the sale at (direct link here) ends in 17 hours of this posting, the items are always available directly from

Mitch Dobrowner featured on Yahoo! News


Stunning nature photographer, Mitch Dobrowner, was featured today on Yahoo! News with a great selection of images from his Storm and Landscape series.




Mitch Dobrowner_Veil-Storm

Veil Storm



Church Rock

For the entirety of the "Mitch Dobrowner Captures the Sky" article please click here and feel free to contact us any time here at the John Cleary gallery regarding purchasing one of Mitch's stunning works.

New Work by Maggie Taylor


We here at the John Cleary Gallery love sharing new work with our clients, readers and photography enthusiasts alike and are pleased to announce a selection of new images by renowned artist Maggie Taylor.


Most of the time.

Most of the Time, 2012



Voyagers, 2012


Ever after.

Ever After, 2010


Small boat waiting.

Small Boat Waiting, 2012


The lesson.

The Lesson, 2012

Girl with a small cloud.

Girl with a Small Cloud, 2012


Now what?

Now What, 2012


All images are available in 8 x 8, 15 x 15, 22 x 22 and 36 x 36 inches; please contact the gallery for pricing information.

New Certificate in Photographic Preservation and Collections Management from the George Eastman House


The George Eastman House is now accepting applications for its new intensive, 8-month immersion program for professionals, student and independent scholars.

George Eastman House Program

For more information please click on the photo above or follow the link to the program website here.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Short Animation of Cameras Through The Ages

For a bit of respite from your "hump-day" doldrums, enjoy this brief animated short entitled The Camera Collection, a view of cameras through time as seen by animator Antonio Vicenti, illustrator Billy Brown and musician Ben Hantoot.


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Mitch Dobrowner: New Landscape Images


The John Cleary Gallery is pleased to announce the release of four new images in Mitch Dobrowner's Landscape series.

Mitch Dobrowner_ Promethei_Terra

Promethei Terra


Mitch Dobrowner_Pectols_Pyramid

Pectol's Pyramid


Mitch Dobrowner_Hellas_Basin

Hella's Basin


Mitch Dobrowner_Superstition_Mountain

Superstition Mountain


The prints begin in the following size/price scale along with their respective edition allotment:

Edition of 45
14 x 20 inches: $1,000
20 x 30 inches: $2,000

Edition of 5
34 x 50 inches: $5,000

For more information about these or any other works by our fine art photographers, please contact the gallery or stop in sometime!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Rita Bernstein: Out of Place

Please join us Saturday, June 2, from 6 – 8 p.m. for the opening of Rita Bernstein: Out of Place. The exhibition will run through Saturday, September 1, 2012. The artist will be in attendance for the opening reception.


Journey: mixed media (photograph on handmade paper with beeswax and oil paint) 9 x 9 inches, Ed. of 5


Rita Bernstein began photographing after working nearly two decades as a civil rights lawyer, eschewing her legal career in favor of time with her two children. As such, her work explores the sorrows and sweetness of family life and, more generally, the ambivalence that shadows intimate relationships. Though her subjects tend to be younger individuals, Bernstein’s intent is not specifically to examine childhood. Rather, it is the uninhibited behavior of children that reveals, in a broader sense, the complexities of the human psyche.


Charmaine: hand applied silver emulsion on Japanese gampi, 10 x 11.5 inches, Ed. of 15


As a self-professed “reluctant traveler,” Bernstein shoots most of her photographs close to her Philadelphia home or near her family’s summer cottage in the northern stretches of Pennsylvania. In difference to staged photography she chooses to work intuitively, discovering rather than orchestrating her compositions. While some of her subjects are strangers, she prefers shooting those whom she knows well, resulting in works of increased intimacy, honesty and subtlety.


Lake Swim (hand applied silver emulsion on Japanese gampi, 10 x 10 inches, Ed of 15)


Bernstein’s work has received notable international acclaim, having been featured in publications ranging from LensWork to B + W Magazine (UK) to The Philadelphia Inquirer. In addition to print features, her photographs can be found in collections at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and the Johnson and Johnson World Headquarters Corporate Collection, among others.


Still Lives: mixed media (photograph on handmade paper with beeswax and oil paint) 9 x 9 inches, Ed. of 5


For the complete catalogue of Out of Place, please visit our exhibition page here.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Photographic Mother's Day


A Happy Mother's Day to all of our blog readers out there!  In celebration, enjoy a selection of appropriately themed photographs … and then call your mother!


Elliot Erwitt: Mother and Child, New York City



Ida Wyman: Mama, Papa, Billy



Edward Steichen: Mother and Child – Sunlight



Dorothea Lange: Migrant Mother



Gordon Parks: Mother and Child, Harlem



Martin Elkhort: Where's Momma



Ruth Orkin: Mother and Baby



Rita Bernstein: Expecting


Happy Mother's Day!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Susan Burnstine featured in the San Francisco Weekly


This week's Arts section of the San Francisco Weekly has a wonderful review of the work of Susan Burnstine, whose photographs were featured here at the John Cleary Gallery in her Within Shadows exhibition this past Fall.

Susan_Burnstine_The_Last _Goodbye

The Last Goodbye

Author Jonathan Curiel writes:

"Burnstine uses special homemade cameras, with odd lenses and other makeshift parts, to distort her photos at the point of conception. Her images almost seem like mirages. Edges are blurred or out of focus, and the photos' central subjects — whether buildings, vistas, corridors or people — are also bathed in translucence. Few if any other fine-art or commercial photographers do work like Burnstine's."

(Full article)




For more information about Susan's work or her 2011 Prix de la Photographie Paris award winning book, Within Shadows, contact us here at the John Cleary Gallery!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Congratulations Mitch Dobrowner: 2012 Sony World Photographer Award Winner


We are very pleased to announce John Cleary Gallery photographer, Mitch Dobrowner, has been awarded the 2012 Sony World Photographer award for his Storm series.

Mitch Dobrowner_Jupiter

Jupiter, Mobridge, South Dakota, 2011


In a selection process that began with over 100,000 applicants from 171 different countries from across the globe, Mitch's stunning images blew away the competition to nab the $25,000 price along with Sony's most recent digital imaging equipment.

Mitch Dobrowner_Mammatus

Mammatus, Texline, Texas, 2011


W.M. Hunt, chairman of the judging committee, had these kind words to say of Mitch and his work:

There is enormous pleasure in the jury's selection of Mitch Dobrowner because he is the best of what is classic and what is contemporary in photography.

He brings a sense of its history and enormous skill in his craft while pushing his imagination and, even, physical strength. The work offers a visceral rush while being wonderfully well made. I think he is an exceptional choice.


Mesocyclone, Valentine, Nebraska, 2011


Born and raised on Log Island, New York, Mitch began his photography career the moment his father gave him an old Argus rangefinder.  At the age of twenty one he quit his job and toured the American Southwest, finding inspiration in the limitlessness of the natural landscapes and the photography of artists like Ansel Adams and Minor White.  It is no wonder then that Mitch's work exudes a reverenced solemnity for the American vistas in his landscape portraits and the tumultuous elegance of the elements in his Storm series.

For the full announcement, please click here.

Friday, April 27, 2012

A Photographic Arbor Day


The last Friday of April is set aside annually in celebration of National Arbor Day, a holiday which encourages the planting and caring for of trees and other foliage.  According to our good friend, Wikipedia, it originated in Nebraska during the early 1870's and has since spread to a global level.

What better way to celebrate the greenest of holidays with a vertically integrated product: trees make paper, photographs are printed on paper, photographs on paper look FABULOUS on your walls!  See the logic there?

So in honor of the 140th Arbor Day here is a small forests' worth of the photography world's best trees!


Mitch Dobrowner: Wind Swept Tree



Maggie Taylor: Oh, Happy Day!



Jerry Uelsmann: Untitled, 1969



Josef Hoflehner: Elephant Hill Pathway



Jeffrey Conley: Snow Covered Branches


central park #21

Takeshi Shikama: Central Park #21



Jeri Eisenberg: Magnolia, No. 9



Susan Burnstine: Forever



Brett Weston: Holland Canal


Niniane Kelley: Palm



Charles Grogg: Bonsai (Juniper)



Jefferson Hayman: Tree, Central Park



Keliy Anderson-Staley: Plum Tree


David Fokos: Haybales, Ripsa, Sweden


Henry Gilpin: Trees, Reflection


Dan Burkholder: Tree in April Snow, Catskills


Pine-ing for any of these images?  Don't have a collection and looking for one to take root?  Already have one but looking to branch out?  Want me to stop with these ridiculous tree jokes? Don't be such a crabapple! Come into the John Cleary Gallery or give us a call and we'd love to help find that perfect photograph for you.