Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mitch Dobrowner: New Work

Please join us Saturday, June 4, from 6 – 8 p.m. for the opening of Mitch Dobrowner: New Work. The exhibition will run through Wednesday, August 31. The artist will be in attendance for the opening reception.


Monsoon, Lordsburg, New Mexico 2010


Born and raised on Long Island, New York, Mitch Dobrowner began his photography career the moment his father gave him an old Argus rangefinder. At the age of twenty one he quit his job and toured the American Southwest, finding inspiration in the limitlessness of the natural landscapes and the photography of artists like Ansel Adams and Minor White. It is no wonder then that Mitch’s work exudes a reverenced solemnity for the American vistas in his landscape portraits and the tumultuous elegance of the elements in his storm series.


Trees-Cloud, Texline, Texas 2009


Mitch’s photographs are on display in galleries and museums around the globe, including the Ordover Gallery at the San Diego Natural History Museum, the Photography Museum of China in Lishui, and the Photo-Eye Gallery of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Additionally, they have been featured in publications including, but not limited to, Newsweek, LensWork, and National Geographic’s 2009 Visions of Paradise.


Clouds, Near Limon, Colorado 2010


The John Cleary Gallery is thrilled to welcome back Mitch for another exhibition since his international debut at the gallery in 2004.

Please note, as a result of the devastating string of natural disasters running rampant in the South over these last couple of weeks, a portion of the proceeds of sales of Mitch’s work will be donated to disaster relief efforts in affected areas.

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