Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy Anniversary!


This week marks the third anniversary of Catherine’s tenure as owner of the John Cleary Gallery and we celebrated the only way we Texans know how—with a meal and margaritas!!

Both Catherine and I are big fans of the Support Local, Grow Together (SLGT) movement here in Houston and decided to check out Yelapa on Richmond for the festivities.

2011-05-05 13.44.33

I’m pretty sure this is Spanish for “you’ll leave absolutely satisfied!!”


2011-05-05 11.50.23

2011-05-05 12.06.01

Pouring margarita numero dos. Why are you working at your own party!?


We started out with a duo of appetizers (forgive me, because I failed to write down the appropriate titles for each dish!):

2011-05-05 11.56.16We’ll just call this “delicious wrapped shrimp with bacony goodness”

 2011-05-05 12.10.58

FROG LEGS!!  Not seen here is the heavenly sauce served with it.


For the main course Catherine had a Texas tinged French staple, bouillabaisse soup, that seemed oddly appropriate for a gal from Crockett with the last name Couturier; whereas, I devoured a stuffed poblano pepper.

2011-05-05 12.26.27


Now… what’s a celebration without desert, right? Catherine took the traditional route with cinco (take that tres) leches and I kicked it up a notch with panna cotta in a berry/habanero sauce.

2011-05-05 13.18.59


We were also fortunate to be visited by the executive chef, Brandon Fisch, as well as the sous chef, Adam, and both couldn’t have been more hospitable.  It’s obvious the passion Brandon has for his work and it translates quite easily into the food he creates. Or, as Greg Morago of the Houston Chronicle more elegantly puts it: “The aromas are intoxicating; the flavors unexpected and vivid, almost theatrical.”

So if you’re looking for a great restaurant to visit after coming to the gallery, make sure to check out Yelapa on Richmond between Kirby and Greenbriar!

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