Thursday, September 17, 2009

New Mitch Dobrowner Work

Just after our June exhibition of Mitch Dobrowner's work, Mitch left Texas to chase storms. If I thought he was nuts before he left, I definitely think he's crazy now that I've seen how close he was to cyclones, lightning, and other weather formations that strike fear into my Gulf-Coast-Please-I-Don't-Want-A-Hurricane-To-Hit-My-Gallery heart. Crazy or not, the images he captured are beautiful and filled with the dramatic contrasts and scenes for which Dobrowner is known.

Mitch says, "I've always loved storms. The rumble of distant thunder, the flashes of lightning, the energy and electricity in the skies. Watching a storm being born from a small unstable weather system - developing into a towering, powerful, beautiful and majestic super cell... it's a sight to behold." He hopes the images in this series, entitled "Close Encounters," help communicate the powerful beauty he feels while experiencing these amazing forces of nature.

Unlike Dobrowner's earlier work, we are only offering these stunning images in the two largest sizes: 15x21 inches and 20x30 inches. As these prints are brand new, they are still at the beginning prices of $800 and $1,650, respectively. The price will increase as the prints near the completion of the edition of 45.

If you would like to purchase a piece or see the entire body of work, please email us here and be sure to check out Dobrowner's earlier work on our website.

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