Monday, June 20, 2011

Like a Rolling Stone

Well Happy Summer Solstice everyone!!! In order to celebrate I thought I would feature the work of one of our artists, Thomas Kellner.
Kellner 33#36 England Stonehenge
Stonehenge, England
Stonehenge (the most famous of all henges, of course) is theorized by many to be a spiritual site used by ancient druids to celebrate the Winter and Summer solstices.  In fact, the only time the monument’s center is open to public access is during these two periods of the year.
German born Kellner has been using his unique photographic process to capture stunning images of monuments, buildings and interiors across the world.
Guggenheim, New York (2003)

After being awarded the Kodak Germany Young Professionals Prize he decided to dedicate his life to the medium of photography.
San Francisco, Afternoon at Golden Gate Bridge (2004)

Kellner’s style is instantaneously recognizable and inspiring.
British Museum, London (2005)

For more information, or to see Kellner’s work in person, please visit the John Cleary Gallery during regular business hours or by appointment if necessary!

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