Thursday, March 31, 2011

Gentlemen Prefer Buttercreams


I came across this picture while doing a bit of blog trolling on the way to work this morning (Houston traffic is rife with opportunities to get off a quick text or sneak a peak at websites like Fark, where this comes from).  Terry Border’s Bent Objects is a collection of complex vignettes made from everyday items that range from humorous to dark, parody to social commentary.



Unsurprisingly, I was immediately reminded of George Zimble’s iconic photographs from the famous Marilyn Monroe “white dress” shoot in 1954.

Holding it down - MM -Book

Holding it down, 1954 (gelatin silver print)


Serious Marilyn ©George S. Zimbel 2005

Serious Marilyn, 1954 (gelatin silver print)


Interested in seeing more?  Stop by the John Cleary Gallery any time and browse our selection of George Zimble’s work as well as our extensive collection of other fine art photography!

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